Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flourish & Fly: Babystep 2

I'm back today with more on the Flylady's beginner babysteps!

But first I wanted to do a little recap of how yesterday went for me. Day one was to shine your sink, and I have to say I did pretty well! We are ALL sick around here with a croupy cough so just shining the sink was a HUGE challenge for me. I even let my little ones "help", as in I filled the sink with hot soapy water and then let them come splash in it. It seemed to cheer them up a bit, which is good! We ended up with one shiny sink, and I got FOUR loads of dishes done. Yes, you heard me right, I had four loads lying around. I blame it on having New Years guests and then sick babies and sick me! The great news is that I now have all the dishes in the kitchen done, minus a few handwash things, and a beautiful clean shiny sink!

Now on to today's challenge! Not only are we going to continue to shine our sink like Flylady wants (It's her way of hugging us! And who couldn't use more hugs!!), we are going to....

You can find Flylady's lessons on it here, and here.

This is one I struggle with and I know some other ladies do to. A dear fried of mine lamented on her blog that her lace-up shoes didn't always match her outfit.Me, I just really don't like shoes. Well, I do, I like to BUY shoes... but wear them? FORGET IT!! I have at least two pairs of shoes that I have never worn, not even once. I have a problem, and I have been getting rid of some shoes, ones that don't fit well, ones that are damaged, etc... but with all the shoes I have only one of them are lace-up shoes, and I pretty much only wear them when I know I will be doing a lot of walking, or when I exercise. Put them on everyday? We'll see.

For today I am wearing apair of sketches slip-ons that have little straps over the foot. They are harder to get off than a normal slip-on, but comfortable and stylish. They work for me, for now. I swear I am trying Flylady!!

But shoes are only part of getting dressed. There's the clothes, the hair, the make-up, etc. It can be really hard when you are a stay at home mom to take the time to get all of that done. I hate to confess this, but when my husband was gone 17 hours a day five days a week and I didn't have money for bus fare, most days I would stay in my pajamas. I could literally go five days straight without ever getting fully dressed. I was pretty much a shut-in, leaving the house maybe once a week. Sad but true.

But all that is changing, and I am proud to say I have been fully dressed every day this year! Today it was even before six am!! I even have proof I am dressed today! See my fantastic self portrait? You can't really see it, but my hair is even curled!! i thought ahead to the fact that I wanted to look nice today to post my picture for you guys and did the fantastic hair tutorial for no heat curls below yesterday! It is one of my favorite things to do with my hair. It is fast, it looks pretty good while it is drying and making the curls, and who doesn't feel better about themselves when they have fabulous curls?

So I have one more thing today I would like to share with you! Today's beginner babystep says that in order for us to change ourselves, we need to remind ourselves of what we are doing. The Flylady did that with post-it notes, but around here beauty trumps easy. So I've got a little card made up for you guys to print out and put on your mirror to remind you to get dressed and make yourself up in the morning. I have it sized at 3x4 to be able to print on a project life card (you can find blank ones here on Amazon). I have plans to use more of these later in building my new Control Journal, because I like my things pretty AND functional. There is a tutorial here that shows you how to print directly on one of the project life cards, which is what I used to print mine. You can also just print the pdf and trim to size.

I designed the card with my blog's color scheme, but if you would like it in another color scheme let me know in the comments and I can try to accommodate! I like to make people happy! You can download the card here.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I sure am having fun starting back at the beginning of Flylady!


  1. I don't think it matters if you wear lace-up shoes specifically. What matters is that we are dressed and prepared for the day, and that our feet have good support.

    Some people have a no-shoes policy in their homes, so for them getting dressed would mean choosing the shoes they will wear if they leave the house, and otherwise dressed.

    1. If you read her lesson on "Getting Dressed to Shoes" Flylady actually goes over the "no shoes in the house" thing and suggest a pair of shoes just for inside the house that are cleaned up. She really does want you to wear lace-up shoes because they are harder to take off.