Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Since I finally shared my blog yesterday I feel like I need to post today, but I don't have a lot of time (got a project I am working on today), and none of the posts I have saved up seem like a good choice today. Hmmm... so what to do?

Let's talk about goals!

My goal for this blog is to post at least one post a day Monday-Thursday. I was thinking of doing every weekday, but Fridays tend to get really busy for us since it is the only morning that my husband has off during the week. I purposely left off the weekends for the same reason. I don't want this blog to take up time that I would otherwise be spending as a family. I want it to be a filler during the long hours my husband is gone during the week, not something that takes more time away from the little I do have with him.

While we are on the subject of goals, I wanted to talk about something my husband and I started early in our marriage that I think has really been awesome for us. We would each make a list of 10 things that we would like to do, buy, etc, in the next few months, and then exchange lists and try to make those things happen. Since it was a short time period we chose mostly little things that were attainable, like visit a certain friend, or frame a certain picture, or visit a certain museum. It really helped us see what the other was thinking about, and how we could possibly make things better for them, it helped us come up with family activities, and it helped us choose things to do for date nights and special occasions. It was really something we looked forward to doing.

That evolved into more of a bucket list, but with a twist. The short time period helped us to be more proactive in meeting those goals, wishes, and dreams, so we decided to give our bucket lists a bit of a time limit. And thus came about our 30 by 30 lists. These lists our 30 things we would like to accomplish before we turn 30, giving us 3-4 years to get through each of our lists.

It really was eye opening looking at each others lists. There were things neither of knew the other wanted to do, there were some duplicates, there were some expected things, and there were some that kind of stretched the limits of what me might be able to do before we are 30. It was a lot of fun, and we have been having fun plugging away at the lists a little bit at a time. It has helped us grow closer together as a couple and as a family.

You can view my list on my "30 by 30" tab above, and for kicks and giggles, you can go here and download a printable I made so you can start on your own lists.
I encourage you to try it! It never hurts to dream! The worst that can happen is you never do a single thing on the list, but the best is that you learn, grow, and get some insight into yourself and your spouse (or even your kids! Our five year old has a 10 by 10 list he is working on!).


  1. Thank you! I am so excited! We decided to do a smaller 13 by '13 for the next couple months, and then we're going to do a bigger bucket list. I love that you posted yours too! Gives me some great ideas. You should also check out http://dayzeroproject.com/ I forgot I had it and found it on one of my bookmarks... also great for ideas! :D

    1. I'm so glad you guys are doing a list! It is such a fun bonding activity.
      I will have to look at Day zero project. I think I have heard of it before.
      I want to make up another list just for next year, since it is 2013, and 13 is our lucky number (We met on a 13th, had our first kiss on a 13th, got married on a 13th, got sealed on a 13th, both our boys were due on 13th's). It will most likely pull some thing off my 30x30 list that I want to focus on, but some of them may be new.

      Jack is excited to make his own list soon!