Wednesday, October 31, 2012

December Daily- This Year it is Happening

If you've read the little blurb I have on the side of the blog under "About Me" you know that I say I am a project procrastinator. What I want to talk about today is a specific project that I have dedicated a lot of time to for several years, only to end up procrastinating it, and not doing it, year after year... December Daily.

Basically, December Daily is a way to document everyday life during the holidays. The idea is to make up a basic album ahead of time and add to it every day of December. This is a project I have been longing to make work for me. It is something that I know if I can do it, and finish it, I will be immensely happy with it for many years to come. I love the sentiment behind it, I love the idea of remembering the little things, and every year when I let it slide by I am saddened that those moments have gone undocumented.

This project was started by one of my favorite designers and bloggers, the fabulous Ali Edwards.
You can look through her beautiful albums from the last few years here.
Every year she does such fabulous things with this album that I just want to hug her! She is an amazing woman, and inspires me so much. I would love to meet her someday and tell her how much her documenting her life inspires me and pushes me to try to do it myself.

Anyway. This year, yet again, I am going to attempt December Daily! But this year I want you guys to encourage me and help me keep up with it! I am holding each of you responsible if I don't get this done this year. You are here to cheer me on and make me feel guilty if I don't post a page EVERY SINGLE DAY! You got it? You Up for the challenge? You going to play along?

Here is the album I will be using this year. It used to be a recipe book... which I never followed through with... sensing a pattern? It will likely get a little more embellishment before December, but for now it will do.

I love how I used the washi tape to cover up the spine. It had stuff from it's previous life as a recipe book that needed to be covered up. I super love it.

Here is a list of the supplies I used and where you can find them:
Album: We R Memory Keepers Raw Goods 5X7 album in sage, no longer available
Glittered Background Paper (2 sheets): My Mind's Eye Lost & found Christmas Santa Glittered Paper
Washi Tape: Downtown Tape Welcome to China Town
 Glittered Chipboard Letters: Making Memories Shimmer Jigsaw Alphabet in Red
Memories Vinyl Sticker: Unknown, found in stash, bought it in 2007

So there you have it, the beginnings of my 2012 December Daily! I'll be periodically updating throughout the month with more pages, and then, come December 2nd I will be sharing finished pages daily (hopefully!) or at least on a week by week basis!


  1. The Washi tape is so cute on the spine! I only met washi tape a few weeks ago. It's really cool stuff.

  2. This is only my second time using it. My first time was on a pumpkin! It worked really well to add vertical stripes (of Polka Dots, of course).
    I currently have six rolls of it, but I don't think it's enough! I think it would make a wonderful stocking stuffer! (Hint, hint, to anybody reading this who might want to fill my stocking!)
    I may send a roll of it to Helen. I am making her up a little December Daily kit so she can follow along and participate. I'm mostly pulling stuff from my stash, but I think a $2 roll of tape might find it's way in there. :)