Monday, November 26, 2012

One Little Word: What Will You Focus on in 2013?

It's about that time of year that I start thinking about my "One Little Word". This is a word that gives me a focus for the upcoming year, something to work on, think about, develop, etc. I got the idea from, you guessed it, Ali Edwards (have I mentioned how much she inspires me in everything she does?), and it has been interesting.
My word last year I believe was "Create". I don't remember exactly. I lost track of what I wanted to focus on this year at some point, as I focused on meeting the needs of everyone else. I think I created, but I didn't really focus on creating myself. I meant to create in many different meanings of the word, and it all got lost because I put myself last. I wanted to create an organized home, I wanted to create traditions, I wanted to create memories, and mostly I ended up creating stress.
This last little part of the year I am going to try to focus on creating more, and one of the things I want to create while I do that is something visual I can put up in my house to remind me of the word I choose for 2013.

That leaves me the task of deciding on a word. In the past this has been a hard fought battle. I probably over-think it, but it always seems like such a big thing to me. I think about it a lot. I even pray about it. I ponder the year ahead and what I know I will be facing. I think about other goals I have set, and how I might incorporate them into my one little word. I think of it as an affirmation, or a resolution. It defines me, and focuses me, and feels like something that should be given great thought and consideration.

Some that are in consideration for this next year: Create (again, so I can do it right this time), Memories, Me, Achieve, Be, Challenge, Cultivate (that was on my list of maybe's last year), Focus, Record, Lift, Moment, Restore, Venture, Wonder... and the list goes on. It's going to be hard to choose one.

So, if you could choose one word that represents what you want for the coming year, what would it be? What one little word will define you this coming year? Think about it, and post your answer below. Perhaps you will inspire me... ooooo Inspire is a good word too....


  1. I don't know, maybe courage. Maybe prayer. Maybe just get up in the morning. Wait that is more than one word. Fitness might be a good one. "More fit for the kingdom..." more in shape, more financially fit...

    Or maybe persistence (is antiprocrastination a word?) or determination, or maybe just "goals" or "prioritize".

    Obviously I need to put more thought into this.

    1. Having the same problem as me!
      Another one I am considering right now is "Celebrate".

  2. My word for 2012 has been 'FOCUS.' I've done better, and it does help to keep it in mind. I hadn't thought yet for 2013, thank you for the reminder to do that!

    1. I still haven't chosen one for 2013. It has been alluding me. Just when I think I have picked one another word speaks to me and I start all over again! I am not sure I will ever pick one at this rate!

      I am thinking I might pick a word for the year, and then an additional word for each season just so I don't have to pick just one LOL!

  3. Wow I've never considered a specific word to focus on for a whole year. Such a good idea, though! I have a feeling that I too will forget as the year goes by, but maybe I can post it as a reminder. I think the best word for me is "Try". I get caught up in the why's of can't (there are so many reasons!). Yes, 2013 will be the year of "TRY!". I love it :)

  4. "TRY!" That will be my 2013 word. I get so caught up in the why's of can't (so many good reasons!). So yes, this year will be the year I try and see how it turns out. Love it! Thanks for this post :)