Saturday, April 12, 2014

100 Happy Days- A Challenge to Be Happier

Life has been kind of difficult lately, and I have been struggling to find happiness on a day to day basis. I won't go into all the gory details, but just believe me, this past year has brought so much heartache and strife I don't know what to do to get past it. I've been searching for some sort of meaning and purpose, searching for ways to be happier, looking for MORE (there's that one little word again!).

In my search I came upon a challenge called 100 Happy Days, and I decided I would take up the call and try it. Basically it challenges you to take a picture, every day, for 100 days, of something that makes you happy. I loved the idea, and it seemed like a good way to try and see the happiness in my life in a time that I am struggling. At the very least, I figured that if I finished it, when I was having a hard time in the future I could look back on it and tell myself if I could find happiness during this hard period of time I could get through whatever else came my way.

So here is the album I came up with to document these 100 days of happy.
The cover overall. Learned a lot from this.
I used a Simple Stories SN@P album in pink. I spray painted the kraft with a yellow gloss paint (which was not my best idea ever, but it did the trick. I then attached two little heart overlays from the February freckled fawn Oh Deer Me kit. I used a cute acrylic heart frame from their December kit as well, and a little puffy sticker from January's kit. They seriously have the cutest stuff! I used various thickers and rub-ons to add the title, along with a chipboard "happy" from some Mambi chipboard stickers I had.
I have to say I SUPER LOVE IT ALL! it turned out so cute!

My cute title page, the pictures are from a photo booth.
I then decided I needed a title page. I used one of the journal page inserts that comes with the SN@P album and then went in search of a sketch to use as an idea for jumping off. I found this sketch from Colorful Creations to use and love how it turned out. It was such a fun sketch to work with. The back of the page will have an explanation of why I decided to take up the 100 Happy Days challenge. I used cards from The Project Life Slate and Just Add Color kits, some washi tapes from walmart of all places, a vellum sticker from the November Oh Deer Me kit, a puffy sticker from the January kit, a resin cameo from the February kit, and a "what a fun moment" banner from the March Kit. I also used some wood chips from Micheal's and some homemade enamel dots made from perler beads (tutorial possibly coming soon, if I remember).

I then filled the binder with a bunch of blank cards and page protectors to add to throughout the project. I haven't added any pictures yet, but I plan to soon!

I am excited to take up this project, and hope it will help put me in a better frame of mind. Trying hard to get back to the happy me!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10x10 List: A Bucket List for Kids

Recently I was reviewing my 30x30 list and my oldest son got really interested in it. We talked about what a bucket list was, and after our discussion he decided he wanted to make a list of his own. We decided on a 10x10 list, and he wrote down 10 things he wants to do before he turns ten. Some of them are surprising, some of them are so him, and others are going to take a lot of work to accomplish, but this is a great way for he and I to embark on a project together.

When he had finished his list I picked up a Simple Stories SN@P album, and made a foundation for documenting his journey to cross things off his list. Here is a peek:

The Album cover, tried to use his favorite colors, yellow, orange, and Turquoise.

This cover was made using this sketch challenge for the Paper Bakery. They have the cutest scrapbook and project kits, so make sure you go check them out. I haven't subscribed yet, but they sure are tempting!

Close up on the title.
Most of the embellishments are from Freckled Fawn's Oh Deer Me monthly kits. I was lucky enough to go to their booth at Scrapbook USA a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love with their gorgeous embellishments! So much so that I decided to subscribe! I can't wait for my first monthly kit to arrive! The acrylic arrows are from their December kit, the little resin cameo and the striped overlay card is from the February kit, and the "seriously, so cool!" banner is from the March kit. SO MANY CUTE THINGS. If you fall in love like I did make sure you use me as a reference when signing up and we will both get $5 to use in their store!

The wooden stars and the orange polka dot washi are from Micheal's recollection brand, and the cute little bling dots are from the Walmart scrapbooking section. The white foam letter stickers are American Crafts brand thickers. The frosted "list" letters are from Heidi swapp. The little white star stickers and the "adventure awaits" sticker are from Me and My Big Ideas.

I plan on doing another blog post to show you the insides of this fun little album. So make sure you check back to take a look!

I'm also excited to say that I'm hoping to start blogging some more! I've got some goals I am trying to meet, and part of meeting those goals means I need to be better at blogging, taking pictures of my work, and linking them up for some exposure. So, it shouldn't be 3-6 months between blog posts. (I know guys, I'm so terrible at this blogging thing!!!)

Monday, January 6, 2014

I want MORE out of 2014

So I was suppose to blog yesterday... but I didn't... so here I am today, getting it done. No MORE procrastination!

As many of you know the past few years i have picked a word for the year. This process is called "One Little Word", and came about from a wonderfully amazingly talented woman Ali Edwards. You can read more about the projects on her blog. She offers a year long workshop, which is amazing! I have loved it! This will be my second year doing the workshop, and it is so worth it.

Anyway, this years word was very hard to come by, I thought about it for MONTHS. I needed a word that was going to help me get back to a point that I could flourish again (flourish was my word f or 2013, and it was great, but I lost my ability to flourish somewhere along the way). There was so much in my head, and nothing was coming up as THE word. I made lists and lists and lists, I would get there, and then cross everything off and start again. I finally decided on a word that could encompass many of my words, but it took me a while to share it, because it felt really selfish. The word I chose was "MORE". It took a while for me to be able to explain why that was my word, and I am still kind of learning why. I want more of a lot of things right now, I want more shenanigans, more devotion, more creativity, to be more conscious, more happiness, to complete more and be more complete, more sharing, more learning, more loveliness, more purpose, more community, and more abundance, just to name a few. And the reason I want more, is because I am worth more. I've been in a pretty bad depression lately because I have felt worthless, and I'm hoping telling myself I am worth more, and having more to work towards will help me get to the other side of this depression. 

Anyway, On to the pretty stuff.
I got to work on some of this month's prompt. I still need to finish up some of it, but I love what I have so far. I decided to incorporate my one little word into project life this year, to help give myself momentum on both projects. Here is what I've got.

 The top left card says "Hello There More One Little Word 2014", the top right card is a definition and thesaurus entry. The middle row has a fold out journaling card, with a bit more about why I chose my word, then a photo of me (thank you Disney photopass photographers for getting at least one good shot of me!), the "make your word visible" graphic that Ali shared as part of the workshop, and a little card with an Ampersand. I choose an ampersand as a symbol for my word this year, as one of the synonyms for more is "and". The bottom row has two quotes that contain my word.

I really love how it turned out! It has me excited to continue! I've got a second "Intentions" page I am still working on that will be opposite this page.

I also picked up some little wooden letters that I covered with Washi tape that spell out "MORE". My intent is to put them on a wall, and each month add a quote that corresponds with what I want from my word that month on the wall as well. It's my way of trying to "Make My Word Visible".

So there you have it folks! A new blog post, a new word, and a new year!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily 2013- And the end of a hiatus

So, I have not posted anything since May, and had hardly posted before then. Life has been pretty cruel to our family the last few months, and I just have not been in a good mind set to be posting. Being forced from our home, moving in with my parents, job loss, my mom having cancer, issues with school for Ryan, deaths, impending deaths, impending surgeries... yeah. So I took some time off.

But I am back, and I have a few pictures of my latest project to share with you. Once again I am trying to participate in Ali Edwards "December Daily" project. This has been a beast of a project in the past, and I am ashamed to say I have wasted a lot of time and energy on it over the years only to fall flat after a few days. But here it is, December 5th, and I am still at it. I haven't printed photos, waiting to do that at the end of each week for convenience sake, but here is a little peek into my album so far. Can't wait to get my pictures and put it all together for the week!

My Cover. I just love how it turned out! So bright and happy! I used a plastic snowflake Ornament, and layered on some thicker's in Glittery White and Red, then added a few random baubles from a jar of plastic snowflakes and candies. Oh, and there are some washi tape strips added as well. The green is from American Crafts, and the Blue is from My Mind's Eye.
A closer look at the cover.

The spine. This i might redo. I am not really happy with it. Think I will pull the label out of the spine and start again.

Inside cover and title page. I got the fabric covered wood "merry" in the discount bins at Micheal's, and love it! Not sure where the "december" word came from, plus more of the previous washi's. The Title page numbers are Tim Holtz (I believe) grunge board numbers, I sprayed them with some red glimmer paint.

The Left side of this page will have a picture of our christmas tree, with a story of how it took us six hours of work to get up! The filler card is from the Project Life Merry & Bright mini edition.

This is day 2 and 3. Love my little sequin pocket!
Couldn't figure out how to turn this one, but it is the backside of day 3.
Had to take a close-up of this beautiful sequin/glitter pocket. Isn't is just so much fun! I love it!
So there you go! My first few days of my December daily. Later this week I will post the rest, plus repost these ones with photos! So excited to be doing this this year. It is a welcome distraction from everything that has been going on lately, and it is turning out just so beautiful so far!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Do or Do Not

Lately I feel like I just can't get motivated to post on the blog. It's not that I haven't been doing things that are blog worthy, I just haven't slowed down and taken the pictures, and written anything up. I am a doer, not a writer, and that makes blogging a little more difficult sometimes. I'd rather be out there doing things and thinking up things than putting the things I have already done down for others to see. I need to get better about it!
My blog has a lot of potential! The little I do have has attracted a number of offers that still have my head spinning a bit, I haven't followed through with any of them though, because I feel like I am not a blogger yet. Gotta post at least once a week to make me feel like a blogger!

Kind of feel like life has just been super crazy from one thing to the next lately, with family visiting, Dominic graduating, vacation plans changing and going back to the planning stages, an oven fire and subsequent lack of an oven for the last two weeks (and subsequent meal creativity, how many meals can you come up with that do not use the stove or oven at all?), trying to get my oldest registered and ready for school n the fall... and that was just this month! I haven't even looked at the One Little Word stuff for April yet, let alone May, and it's almost June!
I've been enjoying the craziness for the most part though. My boys are growing so much. Ryan is finally starting to get interested in learning, thankfully. Apparently backing off and giving him space on the issue was a good thing. He is excited to start doing some kindergarten prep books and games. SCORE!

Anyway, I guess what I am saying is I should be writing more, but that I'm not because I am busy enjoying what life is right now. Enjoying having my husband around more, enjoying family adventures (like a horse drawn carriage ride from one bus stop to the next), lots of snuggle time, really listening to my crazy kids imaginative ramblings, and taking in this last summer before my babies start moving on to being kids and starting school. Maybe someday I will get back to blogging more, but for now I am happy with the way things are. Maybe I will push myself for once a week posting something, but I don't think you can expect much more than that!

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Been Two Months!

Just realized it has been two months since I last posted! Ahhh!
I have several things in the works that need to be posted. I've got a Project Life mini-album project I am working on, a review of Old Navy T-shirts, a Woolite sampling, even a post about toilet paper! (I know, strange, right?!) Just kind of got out of the habit of posting and need to get back into it!

So expect a few posts soon, most likely starting with the Old Navy T-shirt review.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keep Moving Forward

Yesterday my boys and I watched "Meet the Robinsons" and I was reminded of the quote I based the title of my blog off of. It is a Walt Disney Quote (He really has the best quotes!), and it really helped me through some rough times. You can see it above, all decked out in the latest trend of chalkboard art.

I decided that I needed to have it up in my home somewhere, so I got in illustrator and began playing around and came up with the above printable to put up in my home and to share with you guys! I think it's going to go in my newly decked out Mickey bathroom (my boys got to pick the theme!) where I can see it every morning! You can download it HERE, or by clicking on the image above.

Hope you enjoy it!