Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I think I've seen about everything...

So my first thing from the past, is one of our Family nights. I would like to say we do these every week, but I would be lying. I try to do something at least once a month, scheduling just becomes impossible sometimes.

This particular Family night was a Disney movie one! We picked Dumbo, as my oldest LOVES elephants, and I ran with the theme. We had a circus themed meal, I put up some decorations, and we watched the movie! We were even lucky enough to have my two nephews over, which made it extra special for my boys!

We started out the day with a special Disney Ticket which I designed and then cut out with my wonderful Silhouette machine. You can see it to the left, being modeled up-side down by my enthusiastic 5 year-old who we will call "Little Prince". Each child also received tickets to redeem for various food items.

As soon as the various tickets were distributed the kids were led into the kitchen where they were able to trade in their tickets. We had rootbeer floats, cotton candy, soft pretzels, popcorn, animal crackers, veggie hotdogs (and regular ones for the meat eaters), and lollipops. The kids were thrilled! And I must say it looked quite cute! We had a circus bed tent we had purchased a few years ago from Ikea that I hung to accent the table. It was charming, and all four boys thought it was super cool! My husband sadly failed to get a full shot with it. :( Next time, right?

We watched the movie and pigged out on the spread! It was a ton of fun! We also colored some Dumbo coloring pages, and jumped through some hula hoops for some more fun! My oldest Nephew asked if we could do it every time he comes over! He sure enjoys the fun activities we come up with at our house! Wish we could do it more often! We have a goal to watch every Disney movie ever with our kids before we go to Disney World next September, so hopefully we will have more of these theme nights in the future!


  1. This is such a cute idea! It makes me excited for when Liam is a little older.

    1. It was way fun! We have done a few of these, and I hope to start doing more once Dominic is moved to day shift and we actually have a few nights a week together. The boys have loved the ones we've done.