Monday, January 7, 2013

Flourish & Fly: Babystep 3

Today we will go over Baby step Three! I know it has been three days since baby step number two, but with all the sickness in our house I just didn't get around to posting. Instead of skipping ahead I am just going to move on to step 3 today on the blog.

Step 3 is mostly to do what you have already done, so let's review! We should be:
  • Shining our Sink!
  • Getting dressed to shoes!
On top of those we should be visiting the Flylady's big tent group and reading our e-mails, that is easy peasy! I think we can all do that! You never know what is going to be the topic, and sometimes they might even make you tear up.

So today I have a shiny sink, and I am fully dressed! My husband even helped me shine the sink last night! I was so thankful for that little help. :) He is awesome!

Today I am also adding something else to my personal agenda that you guys might want to follow along with! I'm starting the couch to 5k program with a friend of mine! I have "Run a 5k" on my 30 x 30 list, so I have got to get going, and since she has been on hiatus from running due to an injury I figured starting while she restarts at the beginning will be a great way to stay motivated!

Today is my first planned run, and I am already dressed and ready to go! Of course I won't be actually running until my husband gets home from school and work this afternoon, but the fact that i am prepared should make it so I don't come up with an excuse to not go out and run. Removing obstacles in our way makes everything easier!

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  1. How many emails does she send out in a day? I've read that they can get really annoying, so all I have done so far is steps one and two, and even then I don't wear shoes indoors. However, my sink and entire kitchen is quite clean and shiny, and so is the bathroom sink. It's amazing the difference a few minutes after each meal can make.