Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flourish & Fly

The last few days I have really been pondering what it means to "Flourish" and how I can begin the process of flourishing this year. One of the things that kept popping into my head was that I need to spend more time doing the things I enjoy and love, and less time doing the tasks I hate.

This to mean, means getting everything organized, decluttering, and setting up a system of shared chores that works for our family. I often spend so much time cleaning and caring for my family that I lose sight of me, and chores become a resentful thing, since I seem to be the only one cleaning up sometimes. Spending hours cleaning and cooking, bathing children, etc gives me little time to pursue anything else. Some of this is my own fault, but my family could be stepping up a little more than they are at times.

Enter Flylady.

Many of you who follow me already know about Flylady, but if you don't go there right away!! The times I have had this system working well in my home have been some of the times I have had the most time to just enjoy life. it is a cleaning/organizing/fly-washing system that helps you to "Fly" which stands for "finally loving yourself". What better way to flourish than to love myself?

While I set about discovering what flourish meant and how I could flourish this year I found this graphical chart on this website.
As I looked at it I realized that "Finally loving Myself", hits so many of these Flourishing features. Self-esteem, positive emotions, purpose, and you could likely make good cases for a few more.

So my first step to flourishing in 2013 is to start at the beginning with the flylady system! Back to the basics, and stick with it all through the year (but not get mad at myself if I fall of the flywashing wagon, that isn't positive!) I also plan to start a control journal later in the process, and will be sharing some free printables with you throughout the process.

Without further ado let's jump in and start off 2013 with a bang! Head over here to find the Flylady beginner babysteps so you can follow along!

Beginner baby step number one is to go shine your sink!
I absolutely love this one! It feels kind of like "If you give a mouse a cookie" for me. If you give your kitchen a shiny sink it is going to want a shiny counter to go with it, and the shiny counters will see the dirty appliances and want to have them clean, and then it starts to spill over to the rest of the house! But for now, don't feel like you have to do it all, just go shine your sink!

Follow the Steps Here.

Or watch this video

And then you are off to a great start! Let's flourish and fly!!


  1. When I first hear of "shine your sink" I thought it meant bathroom sink, which is nice but not as useful.

    I only learned recently that FLY is for Finally Loving Yourself. I've been thinking about that in a lot of ways.

    Thanks for the post! I even watched the video.

    I don't know about using car products in a sink I use to prepare food and wash dishes. Shiny, but what about the residue? It is nice how the water beads, but is there a more natural way?

    1. I hear bar keepers friends is a good product. I believe it contains wax and helps to keep things shiny, not sure though. You'll have to look up specifics.

  2. I did notice on the fly lady page she suggested shining it with a tiny bit of olive oil. I suppose it wouldn't clean it but it would leave a nice glow. For me, clean is good enough. A good scrub around the back and handles and I'm done.