Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Been Two Months!

Just realized it has been two months since I last posted! Ahhh!
I have several things in the works that need to be posted. I've got a Project Life mini-album project I am working on, a review of Old Navy T-shirts, a Woolite sampling, even a post about toilet paper! (I know, strange, right?!) Just kind of got out of the habit of posting and need to get back into it!

So expect a few posts soon, most likely starting with the Old Navy T-shirt review.


  1. I am looking forward to it. I chuckled at the mention of toilet paper. Someone once asked about the wisdom of using recycled toilet paper. Think about that one. LOL.

    1. LOL! I got a review opportunity for Charmin, that includes toilet paper and "Personal Wipes". They are sending me 18 rolls of toilet paper for myself! Woo hoo! I also get a couple four packs to pass on!